February 9, 2010

CIMAS, Essays, Baking, Oh My!

So on Monday when we went into school, even though we DIDN"T HAVE CLASS, Dr. Suarez decided that we were going to have a lecture anyways because everyone seemed so "frustrated". No shit, Dr. Suarez, you think you can put us through this stupid program and no one will be frustrated??? So he sat us down and announced that he was confused why we were all so mad about the rearrangement of the schedule.

Ummm newsflash: that's not why anyone is mad.

So basically after an hour of our time (that we were supposed to have for writing our essays), we finally got to work. We had Spanish from 2-4 in the afternoon, and basically the rest of the day was devoted to essay writing.

When I got home, we had dinner, but the new studnet Natasha wasn't there. I asked where she was, and they said she went to the hospital because her stomach hurt. Based on the fact that my mom and Andrea hadn't really felt well either, and also that my aunt and uncle (basically all the people who went to Natasha's orientation on Saturday) had thrown up, we determined that it must have been the food. I only had a hamburger, everyone else had hot dogs....and so the mystery is solved. Everyone had food poisioning from the hot dogs at the American World Teach coordinator's house. Bullet dodged for me. Phew.

Today I got up and went to Ida's house because that was where we were going to work on our essay. It took us six hours, but finally we are done. Our presentation is tomorrow and fingers crossed that this one turns out better than the last.

Kelsey told us today that she talked to her dad at home and he told her that he didn't even care if he had to pay for an extra quarter of classes at UW, this program seemed so stupid to him that he thought she should come home. And I agree. If I wasn't stuck here because of the quarter/semester conversion, I too would quit, take the incomplete and come home. We are absolutely wasting our time here with this program, and I plan to write a detailled email to Kate (the WSU abroad advisor) on why she should NEVER recommend this program to other students.

Now I am at Kelsey's house baking a peach cobbler because it is peach season here. We used a Paula Dean recipe that was really weird (you put the topping on the bottom and it rises while it bakes), but so far so good, and it smells good too. As of today, there are 116 more days, and I am praying that they continue to go fast, because I am at the end of my bullshit-taking rope.

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