February 21, 2010

My Family

So this family now is officially driving me crazy. I guess because now they are comfortable with me they can let all their neuroses loose.

My parents are fine, except for the fact that they just let the kids (Christian especially) walk all over them. For example, since Christian STILL can't eat solid foods (more on that later), he makes himself essentially glorified milkshakes every day. Yesterday, while we were eating dinner, he made his milkshake and left the blender on for literally more than three minutes while he went and did something else. My mom turned it off and he came running into the kitchen and basically scolded her for messing with his milkshake, and when she took it off the base to pour it in a cup for him he grabbed it out of her hands and put it back on the blender, despite the fact that Marco and Sandra were both telling him not to. So instead of doing something about his blatent disobedience, they just shook their heads and continued eating. And it's like that always...the kids NEVER get punished even when they are so disrespectful it's embarrasing to be there.

Andrea is just a lot more immature than I had originally thought, but that is kind of a running theme here. All people act a lot younger than their actual age, so I guess I can let it go. However, she is on a diet....and I have no idea who this nutritionist is that she is seeing, but this diet is AWFUL. The nutritionist told her that she should drink at least 10% fat milk and drink these godawful herb-blended concoctions and eat things like tuna packaged in oil...I don't get it. It's bizarre and disgusting and not really very nutritious at all...but it's her life so whatever.

Alejandra just got a job at a meat factory, so now she thinks she knows everything about food. Tonight, she said that she liked margerine better than butter because it's healthier. And I told her that it depends on how you look at it, because butter is animal fat, which is less healthy, but margerine is filled with chemicals and coloring to make the plant oils solid. And she proceeded to tell me that margerine is not hydroginated and and all sorts of other facts that from a chemical or health standpoint are not even close to true. But whatever...again she can think whatever she wants. It's just really hard to talk to her now that she knows everything....

And Christian...oh my goodness Christian...he is the absolute worst in the whole family. He has NO manners whatsoever, and it is sickening to sit next to him at the dinner table. For example, today he decided that honey on his fish would be really good. So he proceeded to dip his spoon in the honey, spread it on the fish, and then redip the spoon in the honey for the next bite. So now there is no viable honey to use at breakfast because it has the unmistakeable flavor of fish. Awesome. Also, he is STILL playing the patient from his mouth surgery. Now don't get me wrong, I have never had mouth surgery, but I have had braces and teeth extracted and I happen to know that almost 10 days after a procedure, your mouth is healed. Because the mouth heals REALLY FAST. Even if he had leg surgery the wound would be well on it's way to healed...but no. He still only eats liquid food that ironically does not include anything good for you, but does have tons of sugar. Weird right? And on that note, if I hear Alejandra or Andrea say, "Come on Christian, you need to eat! You need the strength!" I am going to puke. He will not starve, he will eat when he's hungry (or when someone decides that this liquid sugar diet is bullshit) and he appears to have enough strength to play soccer with his friends, so I think he's fine.

So now that's off my chest....and I feel better. I am not necessarily looking forward to moving to a new family because I have known how it could be, and really I have it pretty good here. I am however looking forward to those "we just met and we are going to act on our best behavior" weeks.

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