January 30, 2010

My First Free Friday

So I woke up yesterday morning only to find that our toilet won't flush. And of course, no one is home, so I scour the house for a plunger. There isn't one. When my mom finally gets back, she goes and gets it (out ot this little cubboard at the bottom of the stairwell (read: not in any of the apartments), and I get to work. What a gross job...but I did it, and now I can add "Plunged a toilet" to my resume of skills.

After that, no one but my mom and I were home for lunch, so we ate together and then went and got ice cream. She was showing me around the neighborhood, and mentioned that there was a salon that did pedicures, so after we got home, I went back and got a pedicure.

And eww. Worst pedicure ever. There is polish ALL over my toes, and after the lady finished with the towel on my feet, she washed her hair and used the same towel for her head. So I can only imagine how many other people have used that towel since its last cleaning. Never again.

After that, I pretty much just spent the day hanging out and being lazy. It was nice, especially after the awful Thursday I had. At dinner, my mom mentioned that my sister went to the pharmacy, and I told her that I too needed to go to the pharmacy. So we ate dinner (my mom, me, Alejandra and her boyfriend), and after dinner, he looked at me and said "So are you ready??" Apparently, my mom had told me that they were going to the pharmacy after dinner, and now I was going. Which was nice, because I didn't have soap or facewash or shampoo. So we went to the Fyebecca (a big chain pharmacy store) and I got all the things I needed. When I got home, I started to not feel very well, so I took a shower and then went to bed.

This morning still I don't feel very well, and I am supposed to go to a housewarming party for Tara tonight. I don't know if I will though because for one, I don't want to spend the taxi money, and for two, I don't want to go if I feel sick. So we'll see.

On another random note, I had an email this morning from a Jessica with the subject "Ecuador Blog". I opened it, and apparently this woman Jessica stumbled upon my blog, and thought it was really interesting because she too (in 1997) was a CIMAS student. She basically said that nothing changes and my experiences are really similar to hers. How weird!

And now I am sitting doing nothing...I should go do something but nothing sounds fun. Tomorrow I am going to go for a walk on 10 de Agosto and hang out in the Mariscal area of town. We have a trip all next week, and so if nothing big happens this weekend, I am not going to be too disappointed.

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