January 27, 2010

Unit 2 at CIMAS

So I have neglected this blog for a few days, which I try not to do, but it has been a pretty lame week and there really isn't anything to talk about. On Sunday and Monday, we spent the whole day working on our final essay for the first unit of the quarter. After we finished the essay and powerpoint, we make cookies at Kelsey's, and I am proud to report that they were much more successful than the brownies.

On Tuesday, we had presentations all morning. I thought everyone did a really good job, my group included. We did a good job splitting the talking part and everyone knew what they were supposed to be talking about. I am overall really happy with the result, and hopefully the grade reflects that. Last night, I was LOADED with homework, and it took almost the entire night to do. It was more in one night than I had the whole last quarter.

Today, school was a little more interesting than usual.We had a doctor come and give a lecture on population models, and it was really well done. He had definitions and statistics and charts, which none of the other presenters have had so far. After that, we were supposed to have another lecture, but whoever was supposed to give it didn't show. Suprise suprise. So we had free time from 11 to 2, which I am definitely not complaining about.

Tomorrow, I have to give a presentation in Spanish on Uvillas, which are called Gooseberries everywhere else but here. I have a poster that turned out really well, and think I am ready to go!

Since tomorrow is the last day of class for the week, everyone is leaving for different weekend destinations. But not me. For one, I don't really love any of the people in the group, for two, I don't have money, and for three, I don't want to take a 12 hour bus ride for a three day weekend. Been there, done that, and it was awful.

So I will be staying in Quito this weekend. I think that on Saturday, Tara and I  are going to the Artesan's Market in Quito to check out the chap situation for Bob, and then on Sunday, I think I am going to walk down 10 de Agosto again. I don't think my butt is ready for another bike ride, but it would be a  nice walk.

On a sad note, my roomie Tara is moving out tomorrow. She got an apartment closer to her school, which makes sense because she was spending $5 every night to get home. But still, she will be missed and my apartment will be super lonely without her.

So like I said, nothing that interesting has happened this week, but I'll try to still update more often to keep a more accurate record of this trip.

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