February 16, 2010

Back To The Grind

So here I sit, enjoying the last few minutes of my holiday. Today, I woke up, had breakfast, and continued to read in the last book that I have, and it occured to me that there was no better day or time to go visit my friend Bill down at Confederate Books. So I did. I am now the proud owner of four new books, and that should last me about two weeks, so I am pretty satisfied.

On the way to the bookstore, I had who is possibly the most jolly taxi driver in the world. He kept saying "Buenos dias" and "It's a wonderful day!! (but in Spanish of course). He was funny. After I got done, I had the craziest taxi driver ever. He kept muttering my street name under his breath like he couldn't remember, and when I told him I could tell him where to turn, he said something about me having a lot of friends here.

In other news, I am thrilled to go back to school, because my family is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL. Alejandra is always all over her boyfriend and vice versa, and it's like "No one wants to watch you guys kiss and fool around while we're eating." Christian is milking this mouth surgery thing for all its worth (by the way, Christian, apparently no one told you but the mouth heals the quickest of any part in the whole body, so here at post op almost SIX days, you are FINE) and does stuff like soak all his food in his drink before he eats it. Like the bread with breakfast in his juice, his HAMBURGER in his HOT CHOCOLATE today at dinner...it's disgusting. Not to mention he is a SLOB when he eats and has no table manners whatsoever. Andrea and Christian also got into a hitting fight today when she asked him to pass the lettuce and he ignored her. She hit him in the face and he pinched her in the arm and then they argued like four year olds for a few minutes...I mean, how old are you????? (Answer: She is 22 and he is 14). Ridiculous.

I am ready to get out of this house! So despite the fact that I usually hate every minute at CIMAS and regard it as a waste of time, at least there I am surrounded by grown-ups who don't pinch each other. Uggg...

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