February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

So seeing as yesterday was Valentines Day and I am single and away from everyone I know, I didn't really have high hopes for the day. And I was right.

I woke up and read because I didn't feel like having breakfast. When I went down for some water at 11, my family had just woken up and was eating breakfast. So I ate anyways, way later than I expected. After breakfast, I came back upstairs and read until lunch. And then at lunch was where all the fun started.

My grandparents came over for lunch and it was pretty normal until my mom started giving out the drink (a papaya batido, which is papaya blended with whole milk). I told her I didn't want any because batidos in general are gross, and they know I don't like papaya. So of course, my grandpa has to throw in his two cents. He asks me why I don't want any, and I tell him it's because I don't like papaya. He then proceedes on a 15 minute ramble about how I should be more opened minded, I should try all the things that Sandra makes, my sense of taste is obviously not very well developed, and that if I don't like papaya I must not like fruit. So then the grandparents band together to list EVERY FRUIT THEY CAN THINK OF and ask me if I like each one. So we go through ten minutes of that, and they come to the conclusion that the American does like fruit, just not papaya. Duh. And then again, my crazy grandpa has to throw back in that my taste for it would develop, "just like the people who like wine". Crazy knows no cultural bounds.

During this hell of a lunch, I also asked my sister Andrea if she wanted to go to the movies that night with me. She said sure, we could go see the 9:40 showing of Valentines Day, and that she was going to see her boyfriend for a few hours but she would come back to the house and we would go. Ok, perfect. So the rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful, I read more in my book (and am going to have to buy more soon because this is the last one I have) and we had dinner (just the family this time). My mom told me that her and Marco were going to a friend's house for a late dessert, but to have fun at the movie and she would see me tomorrow.

So when it was time to leave for the movie, I came down and found Andrea, who told me that all the movies were sold out. Ummm actually no, I just checked online and there are tons of seats. So then I asked her to call a cab for us and she tells me that she can't go. When I ask why, the conversation goes like this:

"No one is here with Christian."
"Alejandra is upstairs."
"Yeah, but she is not down here."
"So what, Christian can stay by himself."
"No, my mom said that I needed to stay and watch him."

Ok, so let me clear a few things up. Yes, Christian had surgery on his mouth on Friday. But that does not mean he's laid up by any means. He has been in the hallway hammering and painting on this junk project for three days now. He can eat, talk, and take his own pills. Not to mention he is 14, and Alejandra is in the house. Christian does not need taking care of. At all.

So she wasn't going. But at that point, I was so annoyed with the whole family that I decided she wasn't going to ruin my night and I went alone.

The movie was good, but in retrospect, Valentines Day is not a good pick for a movie alone on Valentines Day. I should have seen Percy Jackson. But oh well.

When I got home, I came up and read a little bit more, and then went to bed. Today is basically the same, I am going to hang out and get my homework done before we go back to school on Wednesday. It's been a pretty tame Carnaval holiday, but I am plowing through the books, so I am not to disappointed.

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