February 13, 2010

The Beginning Of Carnaval

This weekend is a five day weekend for Carnaval. Yesterday I did absolutely nothing, in part because my brother had mouth surgery and my family just wanted to stay home and in part because I am lazy and reading all day usually sounds more appealing than going out. So that's what I did. I sat and read all day long.

Today was a bit more lively, I went to see Marlo and her family. It was really fun. We went out for ice cream and she made me lunch. Like always, it's nothing to eventful, but I really like talking to them and being in a household that is "normal" with normal things and food...

After that, I went to Supermaxi to get some food for my apartment, because with Christian recovering from surgery, my mom has not really been cooking much. And so after last night of tea and crackers for dinner, I decided I would get some food so I wasn't hungry if that happened again.

Tomorrow, I again have no plans, but seeing as Alice and Wonderland is out, I might take myself on a Valentines day date and go see it.

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