February 28, 2010

I Thought March Would Never Come...

So yesterday morning there was a huge earthquake in Chile. It registered an 8.8, with aftershocks all day in Peru and Argentina at 6.7. An 8.8 is 1000 times stronger than the earthquake in Haiti, the aftershocks were of similar size. Because of the earthquake, the entire Pacific Basin was put on tsunami warning, which is the highest level of threat for tsunami, so we basically spent the day wondering if a tsunami was going to hit Ecuador.

Luckily, I live in the highlands, so even had there been a tsunami, we wouldn't have been affected. But it was a big deal here, and everyone was talking about it. The news was on EVERY TV, and that's rare because people don't really seem to care about the news here.

Yesterday, I walked down to my old neighborhood to go to the bank and buy some movies. I am on a quest to find "Song of the South," because since you cannot buy it in the US, I am determined to buy it here so I can watch it. But alas, the video stores didn't have it. One of them is looking into getting it for me, so I'll know next Thursday. I really hope they can get it!

After that, I came home and was bored. We are supposed to be writing an essay this weekend, due on Tuesday, but everyone decided to travel. I asked EVERYONE before they left if they wanted to be in a group with me, and no one seemed that interested, so since no one else is going to start until Monday anyways, I decided to do it myself. This means that I also have to present by myself, but hey, at least then I can make all the decisions. So yesterday evening I sat down and wrote my essay and did my powerpoint, so now I am ready for Tuesday. The only problem is that on Monday, we have an hour lecture at 9 on possible essay topics, then free time until 2 when we have Spanish. The free time is supposed to be to work on the essays, but since mine is done I am going to have to figure out something to do with the rest of the day. But that's fine, it's better to be bored than be at CIMAS.

Last night my mom had a dinner party for her friends and hired a chef to come over and cook. We had filet mignon and potatoes and rice (of course) and chocolate cake for dessert. It was FANTASTIC. Today, I am going over to Kelsey's to call home and that's it...I have no other plans. But I think I might go out an try and find something, because I really don't want to sit around here all day.

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