March 1, 2010


Yesterday, I called Kelsey to see if she wanted to go do something because I was bored. We decided to go to the park and just spend some time in the sun. When 3:00 rolled around, it was no longer sunny, and therefore we decided not to go to the park. So the plan instead was to go see "Couple's Retreat" at the movie theater. So I picked her up in a cab and we went to the theater...only to find the huge metal gates that go over the doors pulled down and taped over. So out taxi driver helpfully says, "It looks closed." What was your first clue, taxi driver??

So we knew of another theater relatively close by, and we asked him to take us there. He did, but when we got to the ticket box, not only did they not have Couple's Retreat, they didn't have any other movies that looked entertaining (or that we hadn't already seen). So we left...but on out way out, we walked past a bingo parlor, and the temptation was just to great. So we went in and sat ourselves between the old ladies and played some bingo. It was hard because they were calling the numbers in Spanish and they were keeping pretty good pace, but it was fun nevertheless.

After that I came home and took a nap and then went back to Kelsey's to call home. And that was the rest of my day. Today I got up and went to CIMAS for an hour because we had to make our groups for the final essay, and then the rest of the day was a free day to work on our essays for tomorrow (but mine's already done, so I just had a free day).

For the final essay, we have a group of five, and the topic is "Autonomy." Unfortuantey, I have no idea what that even means, much less how to write five pages (my portion) on "The Autonomy of Healthcare." Great. I would like to point out that this was NOT my idea.

So tomorrow we have presentations and tonight I am going to chat with Di Adra and Tiffany (my real cousins) as they watch a show about the weird food in Ecuador. And that's pretty much all for now...

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