March 11, 2010

A Funny Story

So since nothing seems to be going right, I am going to share the one bright part of my day today. In Spanish, we were having a conversation about "If you could be any animal, which would you be?" So we all started out naming real animals until one girl's response was that she would be a unicorn. So then everyone decided that they wanted to change their answers based on the fact that we could invent animals. So I jokingly said that I would be a liger (from Napolean Dynamite) and the only guy in the class told me that those were real. He then (and remember that this is all in Spanish, a language that we are not very good at) that depending on the sex of the mother, a combination between a lion and a tiger could be a tion or a liger. So I asked him if he meant to say "species," but he continued assuredly that the sex of the mother was the determinant. At this point we were all laughing, and he assumed it was because we though that ligers weren't real, when really it was because the SEX of the mother is always feminine. So we then asked him what happens if the mother was a little masculine, and he finally understood.

It was really funny and yet another example of how in trying to use a new language, there are always mishaps.

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